What is Mediation

Mediation is:

  • Voluntary – Even though you may be court ordered to appear, you may end the mediation at any time.
  • Confidential – All participants are bound by Florida Statute to keep all mediation communications confidential.
  • Proven – Mediation has a long history of helping people resolve their disputes so they can move on with their lives; the Florida Supreme Court has recommended managed mediation in a various types of cases and often requires mediation first before proceeding to any formal court action.


  • Effective– People work out their own agreements with the mediator’s help, whether you are represented by an attorney or unrepresented (Pro-Se).
  • Quick – Mediation will take less time than litigation. Often cases are resolved in a matter of hours, rather than years, like in litigation.
  • Satisfying – It puts you in direct contact with the other party and ensures all documents are exchanged prior to mediation. You participate in finding a solution and avoid the stress that accompanies a court battle. When you come up with your own solution, you can feel better about the outcome without guilt, blame or remorse.
  • Empowering –Because a skilled and experienced mediator is assisting you reach your own solutions, you are the master of your own destiny throughout the mediation process.       So you are free from feeling coerced, pressured or intimidated by savvy attorneys or an insensitive court.
  • Affordable – Costs associated with a mediation is usually just the mediator’s time. Which will be less than paying for the fees and cost of an attorney.
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