“Addressing the Imbalance of Power in Mediation” (short)

As it appears in Legacy Magazine, an Independent Insert found in the Miami Herald and Sun Sentinel (May 5, 2017) Mediation/Arbitration:  An Alternative to Litigation: “Addressing the Imbalance of Power in Mediation” By Stanley Zamor   Power is perceived.  And when litigation opponents are engaged in negotiations, they tend to negotiate from their position of perceived […]

I AM Just Asking. Are Mediators/ADR Professionals Uncomfortable with Conflict Outside Their Conference Room?

In Brief: Where are my fellow Mediators/ADR Professionals? I expected to see/hear more from my colleagues hoping to uplift their communities as our country suffers from a deteriorated Law Enforcement & community trust, ignorance, hate and violence. Why is it that when I ask established colleagues for their insight on addressing the current turmoil found […]

The Promise of Mediation: Medical Malpractice and Litigation Made More Humane, It’s Possible

“When in the worst of circumstances, we can find the best in people…” This is a statement I use during mediations. Whether mediating between disputing companies or families, all disputes must have at least two people prepared to negotiate and address high emotional concerns. Similarly, when a patient is dealing with the perception of improper […]